"gotcha last"

Jun 16, 2009 by

so this morning, as i made my tea and waited for the clothes in the dryer to fluff, elias wanted to play chase. so we run around for a clip, but he had a fair amount of unwritten rules (such as “don’t actually ever get me”) and was whining when i would break them (i’m working on my mind reading skills), so i decided to teach him a new game.

when i was younger, my mom would play “gotcha last” with me, my brother, and my sister. the basic premise is tag, but in one room, and more along the lines of artful dodging, because you have only a small space.

so i introduce “gotcha last” to elias and he’s cracking up as he dips and dodges, smacking me and giggling. and in true eli form, what does he do?

he opens the kitchen drawer and pulls out a knife.

talk about upping the ante, huh? albeit a plastic kids knife (yes, from ikea), i was fascinated by my child’s response to grab a knife. to elias, knives are “swords” and he thinks that in all scenarios, swords are the answer (maybe it’s time to lay off the prince philip?).

soo typical that my e-man would get a little west side story with my innocent game of gotcha last. no big surprise there.

i just adore boys. their logic never ceases to amaze and enthrall me.
but i think me and e probably need to have a little chat about the ‘knives are the answer’ thing…


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  1. Amber M. Bazdar

    I am crying, laughing so hard! He is so funny. Remember last week when he was chasing Benjamin around the house with his hook for an arm? "Im gonna hook ya!". And Benjamin is such a Sally – screaming for dear life :)

  2. Bobby

    What can ya say…kids from the streets.

  3. Leigh

    Nice, I would say that he won.

  4. Elya

    I can totally see this….was he threatening to "cut off your butt" too?

  5. michelle

    lol, he didn't threaten to cut my butt off this time. lucky for me. then i REALLY would have been in a pickle ;)