i have this problem

Jun 24, 2009 by

i prepare for vacation in weird ways.

like yesterday, taking every folder of pictures on my computer, organizing them by year, and copying them ALL onto my external hard drive.


because that is helpful.

or like monday, going through every drawer and the closet organizing, washing, and/or re-folding/hanging every article of clothing i own. then proceeding to filter out winter clothes, put them in rubbermaid containers, make a pile for donations, a pile for consignment, a pile for pregnant friends…

i get this disorder (that must be what it is) from my mother, actually. when the house would be messy, and we’d be expecting company, the first things she’d do would be something crazy like pulling all the linens out of the linen closet to sort, or all the tupperware from the cabinets to organize.

but i really have to STOP doing things that DO NOT help me get ready for vacation.

seriously…what is WRONG with me?

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  1. Wendy

    haha! Now that's funny Michelle! Well, if you really want a "professional" assessment of "what's wrong with you"….it sounds like a learned coping skill to deal with anxiety about going on vacation, etc! :P …hey it beats eating doughnuts or doing crack! haha I hope you are doing great!!

  2. suzannah

    my mom is queen of this, too:)

    packing for a vacation and preparing to be away is overwhelming. good luck!

  3. Leigh

    my husband is just like that! if we have company coming over he will straighten up our bedroom…THE ONE ROOM WHERE WE CAN CLOSE THE DOOR! ha it kinda drives me crazy so i have learned to give him tasks instead.

    okay sorry it has taken me almost a week to get back to you with your bag question. I am not sure which bag you are talking about so bear with me.

    The clutch for fashion friday was from etsy.
    The yellow bag that broke I bought from a friend that had it for a week and decided she didn't like it and gave it to me 75% less than she paid for it. It is from a local store.
    The new bag, well I don't have one yet so maybe it will be etsy maybe not.
    ha hope that helped.

  4. michelle

    you're funny leigh :) i was talking about the grey and yellow one we both liked. etsy, eh? i'll have to keep that in mind. not like i need a clutch, though. can't fit that many diapers in one of those :)

  5. Leigh

    okay it is linked on FF, click the option # right above it the bag and it will take you to the seller's store and you can look for it there.

  6. michelle

    thanks, leigh :)