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Jun 4, 2009 by

i just realized today, as i sat down at my desk with my cup of tea, that this is my 100th post and that my blog has had over 2,000 hits since i began conversing with you in december.

that totally blows my mind!

when i began writing, i pretty much figured i’d be writing to myself, and that was totally fine with me. it was always more for myself than anyone else. but the more i’ve written, the more i’ve noticed how enjoyable it is to share my thoughts with others. it’s funny, there have always been people who “don’t get” blogging…don’t understand why you want to share your personal life with the general public. but i have never seen blogging in that light. i love the idea of people being able to know me and my daily life. perhaps even more so because many people out there have crazy ideas about what my life must be like. i feel like besides writing being near therapeutic for me, and also one of my passions and interests, it’s a chance for me to be an encouragement, to make someone laugh or smile, or most importantly show someone just a little bit of Jesus. it’s more like an honor that i feel privileged to have.

so i have to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you- my readers- for your interest in my little life and family, and all that represents. for your encouragement to me, and for joining my journey, as cliched as that sounds. and just so you know, i’ve opened commenting up to everyone, so that if you’d like to leave me a note or make a comment, you don’t have to sign your life away or give your first born to blogger. i always love hearing from you. of course.

and truly, it’s a pleasure conversing with you.


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