i know you seen me on the video (true)

Jun 27, 2009 by

since i can’t get blogger to upload videos for some reason (blast you, blogger!), i’m uploading them onto facebook. if any of you readers of mine are on facebook and haven’t found me yet, friend me so you can watch. these videos are hilarious and adorable, and include:

  • elias playing the piano singing “glory God” and “red sox song” (for you, auntie kris). watch his star-quality as he tells me to clap and not to come “too close.” just plain hilarious.
  • the release of ribbons the mouse and her four babies “into the wild”…some funny commentary on this one.
  • piper dancing to “boom boom pow” in the living room. shaking her booty booty. SO adorable.

hope you all have a fabulous weekend!
if you’re local, check out the rummage sale going on at our church today from 8 to 2!

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