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Jun 15, 2009 by

i just have to say for the record that i love ikea. LOVE. everything is so inexpensive, and since dave actually enjoys putting things together, it’s the perfect place for us to shop!

there were a few things i’ve been searching for at target and walmart with no success, so dave and i took the kids for a little road trip up to see if we could locate any of these elusive goods. and did i ever!

be forewarned: it doesn’t take much to get me excited. so don’t continue reading unless things like finding awesome chair pads excite you…

the curtain below is called “lill” and piper already had these amazing gauzy wonders draped on her window. but they’re so sheer, the air conditioner blows them all around, so i wanted something a little heavier to give her window some weight, and get a two rod curtain look going. enter: “matilda” (above), a fab addition to her lill’s. it’s hard to see the detail on them, but you’ll get to see them up close when i post again about her nursery. it’s coming. promise.

and here are the chair pads i mentioned. we have an farm table-type dining set, and the chairs hurt my butt. i am not big on 80’s looking chair pads with ruffles or anything i’m going to have to tie in a bow 5795038 times. so i found this chic, black, modern, tailored little number (ie, i don’t have to worry about it looking gross or getting dirty) and the bonus? it velcros. they fit PERFECTLY on our chairs. i could die they’re so perfect. (listen- i warned you…)

and one of the most exciting finds on our ikea excursion was this fabric pull curtain. and it’s wide enough to adorn the oddly sized kitchen window i gaze out each day as i wash dishes and prep dinner. you see, the sun sets in our backyard, which is delightful, but rather warm and bright when it summertime and 6:00. so this is a nice addition. my hunky handyman is going to install them today. now, if i could only get the sun to shine…

and just for fun, i love their kids plastic dinnerware. our friends ian and elya bought elias the forks, knives, and spoons a while back when he was too big for baby sized silverware, but too small for our silverware, and he LOVES them. heck, i love them. so we added some plates and cups to go with bowls and fks set. perfection for $1.99.

so ikea, i love you. thank you for selling affordable and adorable goods.
i’m thinking, maybe you’re awesome because you’re swedish. just a thought ;)

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