stay tuned…

Jun 10, 2009 by

so this week is going to be my “catch-you-up-to-speed week”. there’s so many updates to give, from adorable kids to dirt-y backyards to family vacations to home projects to growing mice to…well, you get the idea.

there’s a lot.

i have a busy social agenda this week (thank you amber and lee for coming out to play), on top of my duties as “project manager” “mother” “wife” “house keeper” “album designer” “errand-runner” and “blogger”.

which is making me wonder if i CAN catch you up to speed before something else changes!

i think i can (what am i the little engine that could?). and i’m super-excited to catch you up to speed on life here. it’s been so crazy! so tomorrow’s installment will probably be…well, i don’t know yet. a surprise, i guess :)

stay tuned…

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