updates, edition 2: our backyard

Jun 12, 2009 by

the amount of dirt in my backyard is literally overwhelming. and so is trying to write about it or post pictures about it, really, because there have been 10 wheelers in and out of my backyard constantly, and the project itself is ever-evolving, almost 3 years in the making, and it’s JUST epic. but i WANT to. because if it’s going to consume my life, it’s going to have to consume at least a few minutes of yours. it’s only fair ;)

yesterday was our last load of dirt, and at some point (soon, i hope!), an operator is going to hop back on the bulldozer in my backyard and do some smoothing, again, but for the last time. in the past few weeks, i’ve just realized God is so good! he really cares about us, and provides for our needs, whether our needs are dirt or rest or wisdom. it’s encouraging to see him work in the everyday things. like seeing how he’s orchestrated hundreds of yards of dirt being trucked from quincy (why? ask my dad, right kris?) for free, and a company who has for some reason cut us an AMAZING deal on a bulldozer, and are allowing us to pay them back as slowly as we want. WHO does that?!

we’ve been trying to get rid of the cliff in our backyard for 2 and a half years, until recently, we’d collected dirt slowly. it’s really not a pretty sight to look at every day when your washing dishes. but i have been trying to be patient and not so “results” driven. and FINALLY! *angels singing* we have enough dirt. and it’s A LOT of dirt.

truthfully, the very thought of having not only a flat-ish backyard, but one that may have GRASS…it’s altogether too much. i’m elated to not have my son digging in mud and dirt constantly, though he will be bummed, and i’m really going to love walking around without shoes on.

and that’s a really really abbreviated version of what’s been happening at the stratton construction site. it’s exciting, and noisy, and dirty, and inconvenient, but AWESOME.

and now, a trip from 2006 to present:

here is our backyard when we moved in. you’ll notice trees (all of which are gone), and behind that fence is a 25 foot drop off…it was like having 2 seperate backyards.
yup, we cut these trees down, too. still burning the wood in our wood stove, too, which is sweet. they were ugly and grubby, so i was glad to see them go last year.

another angle

here is what the yard looked like about 2 weeks ago. still a little yard to speak of…

and here it is now. juuuusssttt dirt. and yes, that’s elias on top of that pile.

my yard is closing in!

a view from further back in the yard (that’s a little bit of the back of our house on the left)…

and here i am almost to the back of our property (notice how low i am. and yes, that’s all you can see of our entire house)

a little perspective from the room above the garage into the backyard

(this was after they flattened the first piles. now there is that much dirt and more…again!)

potential…that’s what i see!

this is all we have left to play on. it’s hilarious. or depressing. depends on the day…

and the sky’s the limit! i can’t wait for it to be DONE! some day i’m going to be able to see the house from the back of the yard! YAY!

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