welcome, june. wait- it’s JUNE?!

Jun 2, 2009 by

there are so many things i’ve wanted to blog about over the past week, but for about 289,572,486,291 reasons, i’ve been too distracted/too busy/too tired/too __________. and now, it’s…JUNE?! holy moly.

but, really…it’s been such a crazy week…or has it been weeks?

my uncle randy passed away, i had a wake and a funeral to attend (really…so sad), we made a trip out to erving state park for memorial day (pics from that coming soon), elias went on a zoo excursion with some of his best pals, beth and matt, my girl jesse had her third baby, benjamin haddon connolly (who is stinking adorable), we had a play date with eli’s buds, liam and patrick and their new sister, briget, we’ve participated in a diaper study, had our friends over for couple’s group, my beautiful and amazing friend kristen joined me for iced coffees, greek pizza, and hours of chatting, piper glory caught herself one heck of a hacking cough, which has resulted in short naps, less sleep (and not just for her…), and doctors visits, we celebrated my brother’s graduation and cadence and jaxon’s birthdays, and today…well, today dave and i decided take action on a couple bigger projects we’ve been gearing up for. like spreading the hundreds on tons of fill in our backyard over the cliff so that ONE day, maybe soon, we’ll be able to use the acre of land our little home sits on. and dare i say- it may be GRASS instead of dirt and sand and rocks! check out this dirt action:

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  1. Jessi

    Just reading that made me tired! Thinking about youuuu friend!

  2. sirkalicious so delicious

    omg now i’m dying laughing thinking about elias “putting away his lawnmower.” like mum like son :)
    hope this week is re-lax-ing and can’t wait to see the dirt/rocks transform into eli’s new baseball diamond…

  3. michelle

    hahaha, so i don’t need to mention that i mowed the front, back, and side lawns yesterday then? lol…because i did (which just further evidences that elias literally IS a small boy version of me i guess. frightening.)

    oh, and elias (aka, jason bay) is stoked for his baseball diamond.

    love you girls!