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Jul 28, 2009 by

whoa. i’m 27.

for some reason, this is the first year in a while i actually know how old i am and it’s sticking. in my mind i’ve been thinking i’m 25 for years now. when i was 24, i was 25, when i was 26, i was 25. and now 27…is…27. and it seems sudden. and…closer to 30.

don’t get me wrong- i’m not an ageist. getting older is clearly inevitable, and with every passing moment, our hearts beat, our eyes blink, and we get older. actually, i like getting older. at least i think i do. and i think i’m going to like my new age (and at least i’ll have it right).

so bring it on, 27. i’m ready for whatever you’ve got!

“nature gives you the face you have at twenty; it is up to you to merit the face you have at fifty.” -coco chanel

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  1. Leigh

    Happy Birthday, a day late.

  2. WitchyEditor

    happy belated bday. hope you had a great one.

  3. Leigh

    Love those shoes, my friend Mellie gave them to us for Christmas. First thing we ever had for MG.

    Ethiopaper are handmade cards that I am making and all the profits go to our adoption. I have an etsy shop set up and it is linked on my blog BUT I just had a show this past week so I need to update the store with all the things I have left! I am going to try to do that this weekend or I can just email the pictures directly to you if that would work better.

  4. WitchyEditor

    i would love to get in touch with your sis. could you send me her email address and let her know i'll be emailing? Thanks so much!