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(nobadeer beach, surfside, nantucket. just a sneak peek)

so i’ve had a brief layover of sorts back home in between nantucket and new york. besides figuring out how to come home and not unpack (?!), i’ve actually been working on posts for this coming week, because it’s pippa’s first birthday, and i wanted to give her a tribute like i did for elias. i’ve really missed blogging while i’ve been on vacation. i didn’t know if i would or not, but there is a constant dialogue in my head that demands being released onto or into some medium. luckily, davey has been around to chat with and laugh with.

nantucket was such a blessing. it really was. i’ll probably put up photos on facebook today, since there are…ohhh, about 412 (which is 200 less than i started with. time to slow it down, michelle. whatever…blame my kids for being too stinking adorable.) of them. i’ll blog about our trip when i get back because i can’t overlook the generosity of the couple who let us stay with them for 9 days for free. and i can’t overlook the breathtaking scenery or quaint cobblestone roads. and i can’t overlook sharing about the books i read and how inspiring and intriguing they were (and are). and i can’t overlook how fulfilling time spent with the kids and with dave…because having him around all day is like a dream.

but now– on to laundry and errands and children and oil changes and car vacuuming and loading up the thule nomad (my other savior) and meal prep and groceries and suitcase packing and toy selection and remembering all of the things i unpacked for our layover.

miss you all. next time you see me…well, i’ll have a one year old…a few more books under my belt…and an even more killer tan ;)

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