nantucket photo journal: part 2

Jul 27, 2009 by

okay- part 2. are you ready? here goes…

the 4th of july was one of my favorite days for a few reasons, one of them being this GORGEOUS beach we stumbled upon at the end of pocomo road, in the middle of nowhere. we had decided to drive into town for the 4th’s festivities, but as we sat in “traffic” we realized- so had everyone else. and on this vacation, we were all about staying the heck away from crowds and that type of nonsense. so we pulled a u-ey (is that even a word?) and decided to explore the entire island instead. i wanted to see the whole thing, not just the places we had already grown accustomed to. so we headed east towards polpis, pocomo, wauwinet, squam, and quidnet to see what was going down on the east side. and at the end of this long lovely dirt road, we stumbled upon this little slice of heaven. if you look on a map, you can see that this part of the island is literally a point inside nantucket harbor that has the warmest, clearest water, and on some days, the best wind, which is conducive a sport i later learned to be called kiteboarding. (and it’s not for the faint of heart.) but it’s SO cool to watch…

…key word here is watch. i’m afraid of heights, and just imagined myself being carried off in the wind to another part of the world…i guess i still need to work on that whole adventuresome thing :)

well, you’ve got to take one of these photos at the beach, right?

piper’s infamous point. hilarious, darting little finger…

i love her scrunched nose and huge, dimpled smile.

a lighthouse along polpis road

on the 4th we also decided to let the kids stay awake for the 9:00 fireworks (which i 50% selfish, 50% stupid, and 98% fun). it was such a clear and beautiful evening and night. which had not been the case for the 3 years previous, we later found out. another little gift- no fog and fireworks that happened!
here are my snugglebugs loving on each other again. it was FRRREEZING because of the wind and the sun setting and all. the kids had warm enough clothes, but, typical of a mom, i was not adequately dressed for such weather.


elias enjoying a frozen lemonade

sunset at jetties beach

another hilarious aspect of our vacation was how we enlisted elias to be our personal photographer. he took pictures of dave and i all over the island, which cracks me up. here is some of his handiwork- one of my personal faves.

pretty sky, right?

okay, another hilarious thing. the fireworks finally start, and dave and i are jazzed up, knowing elias is going to DIG explosions in the sky. so he watched for, ohhh, 2 minutes, and then we turn around and he’s playing in the sand with his trucks and diggers, paying NO MIND to the spectacle we ramped up for all day. so typical, right?! but here’s the kicker: as we’re walking from the beach to the car, elias says “i want to see those fireworks again, mommm!” lol. don’t worry, bud, i took a video for ya…

day 2 of our island exploration led us out to madeket beach, on the west side of the island. more gorgeous beaches.

dada and pip

piper- why the furrowed brow, love?!

oh, you have a phone call?

here’s elias building alicia a chair to sit in. how considerate :) his dada had taught him how to make a sand chair on our first beach day, and true to elias, he remembered…

if by some chance you haven’t noticed…i love the beach.

like..a lot.

ALMOST as much as i love this picture.

me and my boy-boy outside this really cool toy store called pinwheels. i wanted EVERYTHING. and i’m almost 27.

this boy. i ADORE this boy.

the quaint streets of nantucket

in town

back for a beach day at our secret jewel on pocomo road. (every time i write that, it reminds me of this.)

we set up camp and then the tide started coming in. pip and i were so exclusive- an island on an island. niceee.

so pretty

daddy’s girl…

swim lessons!

our little apartment

waiting for the “faaiirrryy” as elias called it. here he is giving us some directions…

and my girl girl and her navy blue saucers

goodbye, nantucket! we had so much fun!

still to come later this week: all the random books, movies, and music that i’ve read/watched/been listening to. can’t wait!

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  1. Leigh

    okay the dress in the picture with Elias on your shoulders…target? If so I have loooooved that dress ever since they got it in but it does my body no good. You on the other hand, very sassy! love it!

  2. michelle

    leigh- i'm impressed! yes, target. i keep looking at they gray one trying to think of reasons why i might need two identical dresses :)strapless dresses ARE hard to keep up, though…especially with a kid on the hip. lol, but who needs practicality when there's sassyness up for grabs ;)

  3. Jessi

    that black dress stopped me in my tracks! ugh!

  4. michelle

    i LIVE for you girls who are noticing these fashions! it makes me feel like a plate instead of a mum who doesn't brush her hair most of the time (which is closer to the truth most days) i love that dress too. i'm wearing it right this moment actually :)

  5. Daina

    o my goodness your family just makes my heart melt. especially the picture of eli and piper in their hoodies, hugging i guess. precious. miss you guys!