there’s no place like home

Jul 22, 2009 by

okay, i’m ready to resurface from underneath mountains of laundry, piles of food, coolers, stacks of suitcases, and having to pretty much unload our entire lives back into our home. it really is amazing what it takes to go away on a trip with two small kids. but it’s even more amazing what we can live without.

that said, i have a two part photo journal blog on nantucket in store for you tomorrow to catch a glimpse of the first leg of our vacation. i haven’t even downloaded photos from new york yet, but they won’t be nearly as daunting as nantucket because it was a lot less go go go and a lot more sit sit sit. i can’t wait to tell you about all the books i read :)

for me, somehow time does not elapse on vacation, so it still feels like it’s still june to me. except it’s almost august. WHAT?! i’m trying to get back into the swing of routine amidst the chaos of daily living and life in general, but i still have suitcases filled with half-folded clothes and mile-high piles of laundry teetering on the back of the couch. i think i’m almost settled back home. almost.

but coming back from vacation is weird, isn’t it? you’re so disconnected with what has happened while you were off in la-la land, and to try to dive back in seems strangely difficult. maybe it was just being out of the loop for so many days in a row or playing house in so many other settings or not seeing or chatting with the people i usually do, but i’m still in the adjustment phase.

it’s good to be back. dorothy wasn’t kidding when she said there’s no place like home.

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  1. Leigh

    YAY your back! The blog world is happy, okay maybe just me but whatever. Can't wait to see pictures from your fun trips!