we interrupt this program

Jul 24, 2009 by

to bring you exciting news!

(no, i am not pregnant.)

1. i start a new job next week! hootie-hoo!

which could not be better timing or more charmed. i’m TELLING you, God is always tying things up in pretty little packages that land on my lap and bless not only MY socks off, but other people’s socks off TOO. sometimes i look up to the heavens and laugh like, “come onn– are you serious? because that’s just ca-raaaazzzyy!”

so wicked long story semi-short, kate, the woman i worked for throughout college as a nanny (whom i visited while we were in nantucket [they have a place there]) called me up randomly looking to see if i knew anyone who could replace her housekeeper, because her housekeeper was fed up with her personal assistant and quit. well, i convinced her that she just needed me back to help make the walsh household run like a well-oiled machine.

now, i’m sure you’re thinking “michelle, umm, you have a couple kids, right? how do you suppose you can work full time?” and i’d reply “you bring up a great point. i can’t. at least, i don’t want to. i really want to be home for my bubskis.” which is where my very talented, super-efficient, and strikingly beautiful sister comes in. she and i are taking on the job together. we are a full time team. i’m going to work about 10 hours, she’s going to take on about 30. and it’s going to be AWESOME. mama gets out of the house, mama makes some bacons, mama is happy. and so the dream team, my sister nika and i, will become kate’s personal assistants and event coordinators.

and that is the super-duper abbreviated version of a much better story i can tell you in person some time. and if i don’t see you in person, well…we’ll have to work on that, now won’t we?

2. it’s supposed to be sunny and warm tomorrow for the shea/stratton/shea cousin birthday bash!

please- sun: shine, will you!? everything i own is mildewing or growing mushrooms. literally. aahhh!!

we decided since 5/8 of our kids have a birthday within a 3 week span, we might as well do one big old family party for all of them. so tomorrow we’re gonna be kicking it poolside with the fam to celebrate caley turning 12, madey turning 11, jack turning 7, isaiah turning 2, and piper turning 1. it’s gonna be madness. so tonight and tomorrow i have like a thousand gifts to wrap and a few buckets of mac n cheese from scratch to make. love it.


you may now return to your regularly scheduled programming. tune in tomorrow for nantucket photo journal: part 2.

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