your first few days…

Jul 14, 2009 by

“welcome, piper. it’s been a very long nine months. glad to finally have contractions with results…”

proud dadda

you were like “what in the…”

we were just in awe looking at you. after much conjecture, you did end up looking more like a stratton. we are well pleased with your genetics.

dark hair! yay! it looks wavy here, but no such luck with the waves, pip, as far as i can tell

the next day meeting the fam and friends. here your snuggled up with uncle bob…

chubby cheeks

snuggle time

auntie kris came for a visit

nice view for us girls

pippa meets elias. melt my heart.

homeward bound

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  1. auntie kris :)

    i loved that sweet little woman the moment i saw her. she's probably still trying to get the glare out of her eyes from my earrings. sorry pip.

  2. suzannah

    so much sweetness. it does go by so fast!