breakfast rescue

Aug 6, 2009 by

breakfast rescue

i need your help. 

for some reason, i can no longer drink coffee or any of its brothers, sisters, or cousins. no hot coffee, no iced coffees, no mocha-latte-frappa anything because it makes me feel so ill (it’s not like coffee has a lot going for in nutritionally, but…). when piper was going through her rotten i-want-to-do-back flips-instead-of-nurse-stage, i cut coffee (and chocolate- talk about love) out of my diet to see if that was part of the issue. and ever since i’ve reintroduced it- coffee and i are a no-go. of course, i still drink it anyways sometimes, because i miss it (did i just write that?), but every time i do, i feel nauseous and anxious. a great way to start the day, right?!

which brings me to my dilemma.

i am fresh out of breakfast ideas- especially when it comes to drinks. breakfast right now = big yawn. i do love tea, but in the summer, i can be a smidge hot for tea, no? and i’m SO sick of breakfast foods, i’ve reduced myself to eating things like pop-tarts and frosted donettes. eeww. i’m going to have a heart attack at 40.

so tell me– what the heck do you eat for breakfast, and what do you drink for breakfast? because if you know or learn one thing about me, it’s that i cannot skip meals or i have a very bad attitude. also, i’m just not amused by food and, like my dad, find stopping to eat mostly inconvenient. unless there’s bacon involved. or french fries.

overview: i need to find food i’m excited to eat OR i’m going to get mean. and it needs to be fast because i have eli and pip to cook for, too.


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  1. Amber M. Bazdar

    Make a smoothie with banana, frozen berries, and oj. You can make the little ones eat it too :)

  2. LeeAnn

    I have cereal…not the sugary crap the kids have, but something delicious…later I have toast/english muffin/waffle (something that needs toasting). To drink I usually have iced tea…or iced coffee if I have some in the fridge. Hope this helps. What it doesn't cover is the kids (well, they usually partake in the toasted stuff). I'm lucky though…when he's home, my dad takes the kids for breakfast…probably only until I'm not pregnant though…They're usually satisfied with fruit and toast though…wow, I wrote a lot.=)

  3. Keryn

    Hey Michelle!

    I have the same problem with coffee. After years of drinking black large and "great ones" from dunks, my body revolted. I went to soda… bad move. Then I settled with tea.

    I have a couple suggestions. First, try brewing some nice strong black tea and then chilling it to drink in the morning. A healthier idea is a drink like odwalla's superfood juice. You could make your own using a juicer. I like this concoction called "green lemonade." You take a lemon, a head of celery, cucumber, and an apple and juice it all together-delicious and energizing! =)

    Good luck!!

  4. Leigh

    Drink: I am not gonna lie, I have to have an ice cold Diet Coke (or DK as jess and I used to call them, yeah the k makes no sense…we know). For breakfast I always have these great goals of getting up early and fixing this awesome breakfast sandwich, ha it never happens. Usually it's a bagel with some lowfat cream cheese, vanilla yogurt with strawberries and granola or a waffle with peanut butter. If I have 5 extra minutes at home then I grab a bowl and eat banana nut cheerios. Breakfast is usually at my desk and most mornings I pray hard on the way to work that someone brought biscuits in, no lie.

  5. WitchyEditor

    Coffee makes me utterly sick too. Has since high school.

    I'm a huge tea person. Check out for the best peppermint tea in the world. As you probably know peppermint is good for the stomach and digestive system. They have so many great flavors though that come in an iced variety as well. Can you handle Chai?

    I normally have cereal. Right now I'm on a Cherrios and Raisins kick. Or an english muffin with pb+J.

  6. Anonymous

    I hear ya on keeping breakfast interesting some of my favorites include:
    Smoothies: I do one with strawberries, blueberries, a banana, yogurt and some kind of juice and also one with yogurt, banana, Peanut Butter and milk.
    I also like Soy sausage, egg and cheese on a toasted english.
    I also like toasted cinnamon raisin bread with either PB & J or butter and cinnamon.

    As for drinks… I like the shaken iced green tea from starbucks, the caramel light frappachino isn't bad because its not too coffeey! Hope that this helped and good luck!

  7. suzannah

    dylan and i will both eat smoothies, eggs/omelettes, oatmeal, or toast with jam or PB. i like plain, whole milk yogurt with granola and berries. i could eat breakfast any time of day:)

    i mostly just drink juice in the AM. i bought delicious-smelling loose herbal tea today, and the guy at the shop suggested brewing it as iced tea. can't wait to try that.

    (and that singing piper video–adorable!)