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Aug 5, 2009 by

“many young adults view christians as hypocrites, meaning we say one thing and do another. they’re right. but hypocrisy isn’t the issue. we all believe certain things and then act in ways that are contradictory to our beliefs. one person declares the beauty of the simple life on th balcony of the half-million-dollar home with a new cadillac escalade in the garage. another rants against all things corporate with a latte from starbucks in hand…
the problem is not fundamentally hypocrisy. we’re all hypocrites at some level. the problem is the air or moral superiority many of us carry around. we stop acknowledging imperfections in our lives. we forget where we came from and all God has done in our lives. i don’t see in jesus’ teaching a call for moral superiority . i’m a sinner following him. i don’t have it all together, and that admission is precisely what tweaks the perception of hypocrisy. in our faith community we say “it’s okay not to be okay.” we talk about how we as human beings have a lot in common no matter where we are on our faith journey. at the most basic level, we all share the human condition with all of its brokenness. and we have the hope that jesus can really transform lives and redeem the future…”
-jud wilhite (but it might as well have been me)
pastor, central community church, las vegas
author, stripped
from the book “unchristian” chapter three: “hypocritical

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  1. Leigh

    buying this book as soon we i get through a few more adoption parenting books. it sounds so good.