wanna go gown shopping?

Aug 15, 2009 by

wanna go gown shopping?



this is going to seem so random, but i keep dreaming about it, so it’s clearly in the forefront of my mind. a little back story:


dave and i got married november 14, 2004 in newport at a beautiful castle turned hotel called oceancliff. since we planned out wedding shotgun style and in the off season, we were able to have a wedding that would ordinarily be way out of our league. i mean- this place was and is gorgeous.


this year is our 5 year anniversary, and ever since i saw an interview with heidi klum where she said she renewed her vows with seal every year, I’VE wanted to do the same thing. whatever. leave me alone. i’m hopelessly romantic. of course, i won’t be flying my family and friends to bali or anything, but i like the idea of recommitting yourself again and again. so much has changed in our life and our relationship in just 5 years, and as our love evolves (and gets better), what better way to remind each other how important our committment is? 

so this year dave and i decided we’d stay at oceancliff for a night to celebrate, and if all goes as planned, we’ll renew our vows, just the two of us, in the very spot we did it 5 years prior. and THEN, my sister and mother (ie, the professionals) are going to take photos of us, which is SO exciting. since i had wanted them to enjoy our wedding, and not have to not work during it, i’ve always secretly wished they had taken our photographs.

and this is what i’ve been dreaming about- a new dress. i love my dress, but since in the last 5 years i’ve carried two children in my body, i can’t seem to zip my dress past my rib cage. bummer. (maybe if i start corseting myself, i can get in it by november?) i don’t want to spend a gazillion dollars on a new dress, by any means, but i really would love to stumble across something beautiful and sophisticated to renew my vows in. preferably not so wedding-ish that i couldn’t wear it again, but don’t let me fool you- if i found a second hand or clearance rack gown, i’d be all over that like white on rice. or white on brides. although, i’d prefer ivory ;)

so the search begins. if in your shopping or web-surfing travels you come across anything* floor length, silky, lacey, vintage, and/or lovely, let me know, okay?

*to be more specific, anything that she does, any one of these gorgeous things, or something like this or this or this or this or this or this or this or this or this. but cheap. easy, right? ;)

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  1. Leigh

    Okay so seriously I feel like I was sent on a mission…ha.

    Okay, not long, not ivory, but vera….just AMAZING. not what you are looking for at all but just kinda needed to share it with you because HELLO it is ffffabulous: http://www.bluefly.com/Vera-Wang-Lavender-Label-silver-brocade-pleat-neck-dress/cat20110/303049401/detail.fly

    hm….I will be doing more research on this for sure! Plus how cute are you renewing your vows? You will find the perfect dress, I'm sure

  2. michelle

    leigh- YOU are fffabulous! you are too cute, sending me links ;) it's so fun to look, isn't it? i keep trying to figure out how to get an entire day to myself so i can go try dresses on. like a BIG dork. haha…

  3. Leigh

    Not even gonna lie, I begged and pleaded with my mom to let me have a dress for the ceremony then one for the reception. I found my dress 3 days after we got engaged and I do looooove my dress still but I wish I had tried on more just for fun! I love wedding dresses… scratch that, I love DRESSES!

  4. Jessi

    listen, I am DEFINITELY renewing my vows. My sister actually just did it this past week! For real – I'm thinking in six years…. Benj will be six, Glor seven, and E eight. They will be cute as PIE. And me, well I don't think I'll be pregnant or nursing anyone and I will hopefully be in another beautiful uncliched gown.

    I just wish I could be at your vow renewal!

  5. michelle

    leigh- you're too funny. i'm so with you…i love dresses because you just have to pick one and you're ready to go!

    jess- how CUTE will your pics be?! and then the kids get to be a part of the ceremony. i LOVE it. i want to do it every 5 years, and next time, eli and pip can come, and maybe guests, too, since it will be our 10th. and i don't care if people think it's obnoxious. you'll be gorgeous…maybe we can go gown shopping for you in real life, and not across the miles! :)

  6. WitchyEditor

    i love that idea of renewing every five years. put up some more pics of your wedding! you looked stunning.

    i've always wanted this one for my wedding. not a white dress but still fancy.


  7. michelle

    thanks :) maybe i'll put some more up as an anniversary tribute. that is a really pretty dress. color is much more mainstream now- you could totally wear a fancy pink one :)

  8. Danielle

    That is so funny. I was just talking to Beth about this Saturday night because I was oogooling wedding dresses at JCrew.com! Check them out!

  9. Cassie

    Interesting post.!! Its really a very challenging task to choose the perfect wedding dress. Well, I will get married very soon, just looking for a nice wedding gown.