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Aug 4, 2009 by

so i wanted to let you in on the cd’s that were my saviors during our road trip to new york state. i love having new music on long trips because it makes them somehow more memorable for me. these were an old list of cd’s i wanted. now, with your help, i’m compiling a new one. awesome. so this is what i’ve had in rotation in my car for the past few weeks:

kenna make sure they see my face. this entire album is fantastic. his music in in the same vein as coldplay, U2, and radiohead, but with splash of electronica and funk. his newest album, which i can wait to obtain, new sacred cow, is produced by chad hugo of the neptunes. looking forward to that one, too. buy this album. it’s so good.

wilco sky blue sky. the more i listen, the more i like. and i hear their latest album (wilco, the album) blows this one out of the water. so i think i want that one, too. the voice of lead singer, jeff tweedy, reminds me of ben folds for some reason.

radiohead in rainbows. great album. if you’re one of those tech savvy ipod people, download tracks 1, 4, 7, and 8. track 1 is just so good.

mat kearney nothing left to lose. i like mat kearney’s voice, and i saw him live one time and really liked his music. but most of the songs on this cd sound the same. heard one, heard ’em all. the “rapping” is not my favorite- especially when he has such a great singing voice. his newer album is supposed to be better- anyone heard it/have it?

ryan adams easy tiger. i LOVE this album. the more and more i listen to it, the more i adore (most of) the songs on it. a couple of them have a bit to much twang for this girl. download tracks 2, 3, 5, 7, 9 (is folky, country-ish), and 12.

robin thicke something else. this album has a lot of soul. every time i listen to it i love it more and more. his cd’s are like that. this cd has a catchy r&b throwback feel. i like it better than his last album, actually. download tracks 3, 6, 8, and 9. and if you want to laugh a little about white guys singing r&b, watch this ;)

ray lamontagne gossip in the grain. haven’t fit this one into the rotation. he’ll work his way in this fall, i’m sure. his music isn’t jammin summertime music, so he’s gotten back burnered.

black eyed peas the E.N.D.. this one’s okay. just okay.

so if you’re looking for new music, even if you don’t know what you’re looking for, there is this website that will help you find similar artists based on bands/cds you like. for example, if you like ben folds, click here to see who else you might like.

and THANK YOU for all your great music suggestions. i’m really looking forward to doing more investigating and listening :)

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  1. Nick

    In Rainbows is great and I like Ryan Adams a lot. I am a library guy when it comes to getting some Cd's to listen to.

    It is great…and free.

    Hope you guys are well.

  2. michelle

    i forgot about the library in terms of music…i've gotten a couple cd's at the library before and it is such a great way to preview music. do you have heard music off cardinology?