"talk about it, mom!"

Aug 18, 2009 by

elias says this phrase all the time that kills me: he’s always saying “talk about it…”

he uses it a couple different ways: either “talk about it, mom!” which is in an aggravated tone, and he means it more like”don’t talk about it, mom” for when he’s getting into trouble, or i’m explaining why he can’t do something. and he also says “talk about _______!” and it can be anything from a movie he’s been watching, or a book he likes, to something that happened that he enjoys recounting.

as a tribute to my young clone, let’s “talk about it”: here is a brief (wait-am i ever brief?) overview of the many blog topics up and coming and in my brain of late. if you want, feel free to tell me what you’d like to hear about first.

this is what i want to talk about soon:
– i haven’t done a yard/projects update in a while. i guess because the rock wall is at a stand still and the back yard, though flat now, is about as easy to walk on as, ohhh, the moon’s surface, and we can’t quite afford to buy the top soil we’d need for 3/4 of an acre. because it’s about a bazillion dollars. i also need to update on the garden, and discuss how i have poison ivy. again. and i HATE it.
– i want to blog about my husbands sermon series on “the Way” because it’s AMAZING. one of my favorite series yet. you can listen online and download the sermon notes if you’re interested. my girl leelee told me this morning she’s using them as a little bible study for herself. i love her. i want to blog about her, too.
– an eli/pippa update. elias is killing me as usual with his word choices and phrasing (for example, his usage of the word “responsibilities” [which sounds more like “ponsabilities“] which are not to be confused with superhero “abilities”, which are also a hot topic. priceless.). and piper…is nuts, and she’s getting SO big (and i mean, off the charts literally kind-of-big). so i’d like to do a little update on those rascally rabbits and all their cuteness.
– some pictures from the john legend concert, which was a-mazing. and how much i love him. and how this concert made me realize i need to be around black people way more. dead serious. enough with you white people. kristen thinks i can blog about this without sounding weird or ignorant. but even writing it sounds weird and ignorant. ahh well, what can i say? just trying to keep it real. i am just sort of obsessed with culture outside my familiar. (and i want to adopt some babies who look more like my kids baby dolls than my kids). and that’s for real.
– picture post on the NY part of our vacation. there are some cute ones, i’m just a bit overwhelmed by the amount of pictures i have. again, i’m my own worst enemy.
– and i wanted to tell you what my husband got me for my birthday without straight bragging about him. although i may just have to flat out brag. but i had a great birthday, and never really got around to sharing. silly me.

this is what i will talk about now:
– poison ivy + insane heat + naughty 3 year olds = me wanting to hurt myself or whoever is closest to me. i’ve been praying about that lately, again, for patience. i think God is working on me, and giving me lots opportunities for growth. if only there weren’t so many. ;)
– work is going great and i love it. and i adoreeeee getting out of the house by myself for a day. it’s just so necessary. and bringing home a little of my own bacon sure can’t hurt.
– the poisonwood bible and unchristian are still treating me well. loving a little reading time when i can squeeze it in.
i’ve spent every minute possible floating in my parents pool. let’s face it- 93 degrees plus humidity is just plain oppressive. i’m trying to survive this obnoxious heat wave by immersing myself in any water i can find- water fountain, muddy puddle, kiddie pool. i don’t discriminate-it’s too stinking hot!
– and i wanted to know- have any of you seen any good movies lately? i’ve seen a bunch of movies, which i may blog about as well, but they were mostly just so-so. i need a good blow-em-up, shoot-em-up action flick, or maybe something with some romance and a good story line and script. anyone??

this is what i don’t want to talk about:
– how annoying it is to have a 3 year old on miralax. because he poops in volumes you could not imagine. and instead of napping, he does a lot of pooping. and changing his own diaper without me hearing him. let’s not talk about how today he used an ENTIRE container of wipes to clean himself up after changing his own diaper. granted, he did a good job, but an ENTIRE container?! and of course, he’s only THREE, so there’s poop on the floor after he “changes himself” because this is not ordinary kid poop. it’s soft ,mushy, MESSY poop.

see, i had always locked elias in his room (for his safety and my peace of mind) but since he’s been potty training, i’ve left it open. of course he’s not used to being able to get out. so he’ll just pee on the carpet since his diaper full of poop is on the floor under a heap of dirty wipes! and then he’ll remember, and he’ll do the rest of his poop and pee on the toilet. which is great. but a liiiiittle late.

i’m just EXASPERATED with the pooping problems, with poop on my floor, with the large volumes of poop, and with my poor boy going 7 days without pooping. i just can’t take ANY MORE poop! it’s been over a year! so just pray for my boy and his gastro-intestinal organs, that they might function normally, and that he might not have to be on a stool softener, and that i won’t have to ever EVER (not) write about poop again.

and there you have it. that’s what i want to talk about and don’t want to talk about. what do ya think?

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  1. lizziegal20

    Hi Friend! I have a few comments about your post: first off, LOVE the poisonwood bible…great book! Talk to me about it when you're done cause I love it and don't know many people who have read it to talk to about it. Second, is I want to hear about your desire to know about cultures outside of your own…I'm totally with you on that one! Actually probably a big reason I love Poisonwood Bible and also a big reason as to why I love my new neighborhood…cultures different from mine! Blog on that and also your books would be my vote! Have you ever read The Red Tent? That's a great one too and I think you'll enjoy it. A professor at ENC recommended that one to me. I LOVE reading your blogs and hearing what you have been up to; makes me feel like I am able to catch up with you even though we don't get to see each other very often (which I suppose is the whole point of the blogging world, huh? lol). You are always in my prayers, friend.


  2. Leigh

    I think you should blog more about how you want kids that look like your kids baby dolls ;)

    Can I just say the first time I actually saw Alicia (that's her name right?) I was so excited! I mean I live in the south, people do not do that here!

  3. suzannah

    oh man, big poopy messes = no fun!

    ever tried zanfel on your pivy? it's wicked expensive, (you get it over the counter), but it dries it right up and stops the itching–except i think you need to use it right away for it to work best. for future reference…

    (the red tent IS really good.)

  4. Daina

    i totally get you on the john legend thing. look forward to reading that blog if it happens. not sure if you use itunes for ur music, but i've recently discovered that using Green Light as the seed with iTunes genius makes for an awesome playlist.

  5. WitchyEditor

    I'm recommending movies:

    Sunshine Cleaning