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Aug 27, 2009 by

okay- so i’m not dead. dead tired? yes. but not dead.

as you all know i started a new job working part time for a family i nannied for when i was in college. kate and i stayed in touch and we all got together when we were vacationing in nantucket, one thing led to another, and now my sister and i are sharing a job doing housekeeping and some personal assistant-type tasks.

and i love it. i work every wednesday for as few as 5 hours and as many as 10 until the fall starts, then i’ll be working 10 every week. but i’ve been party-planning for kate (she and the kids stay in their nantucket house for the summer) for her husband tucker’s 40th birthday. meeting with catering companies and designers, addressing invitations, organizing her guest list and contacts and the like. very fun. but it’s been quite monumental.

so i’m not dead. or missing. just missing in action, and way behind in my own life. laughably, actually. but it’s all good.

so do you want to hear a funny story?

we are (were) working with this catering company called “the catered affair” and they work with another place called “party by design” and kate was thinking she’d throw this loungey, sexy party in her backyard (which is gorgeous) for 50-75 people. i meet with the people who make these things happen, we discuss what kate wants, yadda yadda. okay- so she’s looking to spend about $10-15,000 on this party. sounds reasonable [well, not for everyone, of course. it’s a little out of my league ;)] for a party with tents, lighting, bartenders, catered food, loungey furniture, etc. i figured they’ll come in about double that, maybe at $25,000.

i DARE you to guess what their quote was. just try and guess…

over $65,000 PLUS alcohol.


can you even believe that? it’s nuts man. suffice it to say, we’re going in a new direction. check out this place- it’s called “mooo” and it’s on beacon hill. plan b it is!

so i want to be blogging, i miss writing when i don’t have time, but i’ve been working every day party planning and momming, with no extra time to be found. i have been working on a culture blog but it’s so epic, i’m going to have to break it up into a few i think. i’m excited about it. i’ll probably have volume one posted tomorrow.

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  1. suzannah

    i'm having a hard time wrapping my mind around that! i thought back on the two parties we through this year, each for about 50-60 people:

    memorial day picnic–venison burgers (free), and about 30 bucks spent on hotdogs, buns, and like two salads. people brought other goodies. much fun had.

    ugly sweater christmas cocktail party–this was a little swankier;)–about $100 spent on alcohol, food, etc. much fun had.

    can't even begin to imagine spending what is basically a whole summer camp salary in one night!

    i hope things calm down soon, and you get to spend more time on your life:)