boy, that escalated quickly

Sep 24, 2009 by

i mean, that really got out of hand fast.
it jumped up a notch.

seriously, as i wrote that last post, all positive and upbeat, guess what my son was doing upstairs?

oooohhhh, playing with his poop*. which, i don’t know if YOU knew this, but poop is actually mud for ATV’s. yeah, that’s what i just learned. so if you play in it, and put your toys in it, and get it all over your carpet, and use an entire box of wipes and a couple diapers (because why not?!), and then put yourself in the tub and sit in a few inches of poo water, it’s TOTALLY fine. it’s just mud.

*for you newcomers, you might want to read this and then this to catch you up to speed on eli’s GI issues. it will give you a little context ;)

so, elias’ poop is not normal poop, we’ve discussed this. but my friend beth had to walk into my house to borrow a shirt right when i discovered what my son was up to (rather than napping). tslk about trauma-TIZING. she won’t be having kids for about a bazillion years, now.

WHY?! why can’t this kid just SLEEP when it’s nap time?! i’m REALLY trying to look at the bright side today, but poop fest 2009 is just…

i mean, what, am i wearing THIS?

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  1. LeeAnn

    I don't know how you do it. Every mother has unique challenges, but this takes the cake! To look on the bright side, Eli's lucky to have a patient and wonderful mother like you. Other bright side…at least he pooped!

  2. LeeAnn

    ok, so I don't know who Leeed is…but I echo her thoughts =)
    for real, LeeLee

  3. michelle

    You kill me. And thank you. I need an encouraging word after a year of poop trauma. Love you :)
    And you're totally right, at least he pooped!

  4. Amber M. Bazdar

    I am SO getting you that shirt for Christmas. Or maybe for a random Tuesday present because it is AWESOME.