grease monkey

Sep 22, 2009 by

this story is a perfect example of why mothers don’t have extra time. bear with me

after our play date with lee, cadie, and jax this morning, i dropped by my mum and dads. he had back surgery yesterday to fix a herniated disc (one of like, five), and decided he wanted to come home…today. typical. but elias and piper do a good job cheering him up, mainly because they are slightly obsessed with him, elias especially, so we stop in to say hi real quick and get home in time for naps.

after we get home and i have the kids in bed, i hear some banging and crashing in piper’s monitor, which is a clear indicator that elias is doing some rearranging in his room next door, ie, not napping. so i head upstairs to investigate. when i open his door, i see every (every.) toy in his toy box emptied onto the floor (in their place? a pillow and a blanket. he likes to sleep in there…), i see piles of books in his bed, but i don’t see elias.


i see that my door is closed, so i walk into my bedroom to find him pretending to be asleep in my bed. always a goof. i ask him if he wants to take a nap in my room, which is a rarity that evokes much excitement, so i proceed to tuck him in. i head back downstairs and remember that i’m cooking italian sausage for dinner. right. probably want to pay attention to your dinner, michelle. i give the sausages a turn, throw in some laundry, and head upstairs to make sure elias is quiet. i hear him talking to himself so i open the door to find him sitting on the floor next to the bed




and when i say covered, i mean covered. ev-er-y-where. slathered. his legs, his arms, every part of his body not covered by clothes is coated with a nice thick greasy layer of aquaphor.

i look at him with my “if looks could kill/choke/throttle/etc.” stare, and he doesn’t even flinch. or skip a beat. he just looks at me matter-of-factly and says “mom- i JUST had surgery.”

oh, my fault! i didn’t realize that people are typically coated with a thick layer of grease after “surgery”. but thanks, elias, for the enlightenment.

sigh. kids
and THAT is just ONE example of why moms are busy and exhausted. because of grease monkeys.

(note: soap alone is not an adequate adversary for aquaphor. next time maybe i’ll try gasoline…)

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1 Comment

  1. Anonymous

    Oh wow! This kid is nuts!!

    That made me laugh Michelle even though I am sure it wasn't funny at the time!