i smell good

Sep 14, 2009 by

i walked into eli’s room tonight to tuck him in and say goodnight, per the usual after dave reads him a story. he’s at the age where he gets creative with requests or conversations to make bed time last as long as possible. i climb into bed next to him (he sleeps in a double bed, so there’s plenty of room for snuggling) and he says “mom, i like how you (s)mellll” and i said “thank you” to which he replied “your welcome.” i love this kid. what a total confidence boost after my much needed shower today. hahaha…

i proceeded to tell him that i like how he smells, too (which is very true- a mix of nappy breath, pee, dirt, and boy, with a splash of watermelon shampoo). he pauses, smells his hand vehemently, and says “i (s)mell like trees!”…

and then he tries to pick my nose.

ahhh, i love boys.

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