look familiar?

Sep 14, 2009 by

1. my house is not always clean (the fact that i have to even say that indicates that i may have some issues)
2. however, when it is in this unclean state, which is quite regularly, i want to crawl out of my skin or run away or freak out. for real.
3. it’s impossible to keep a home clean when you have children who’s chief aim and purpose is to mess it up, pee on it, and leave a literal trail of wreckage in their wake
4. i hate when people see my house messy because i simply can’t have it that way. makes me anxious. but because i can’t have you all thinking i’m june cleaver or some other psycho, i made this video (and proceeded to start 92339 loads of laundry while dave got his hazmat suit on to do the dishes. have i mentioned that my husband is amazing?).

check this out:

look familiar? (say yes, say yes…)

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  1. Jessi

    thank you, you sweet angel. thank you. i needed to see that. sunday was my get stuff done night and i did. not. get. stuff. done.

    Also, Nick and I were just talking about how much we love your voice and I was just so excited to be best friends in real life one day.

  2. michelle

    :) i don't know how you could ever even keep up after three children under three. honestly. i think two is overwhelming most the time.

    you guys kill me! did you know you can't actually ever hear your voice the way others hear it? just recently learned that. something about sound waves and vibration and pathways. i'm always surprised at how my voice sounds on recording and answering machines, and i mostly don't like it, but your loving it makes me want to give it another chance!

    jess- i cannot wait, either. now I'M getting all excited again! yay for new friends!