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Sep 25, 2009 by

look what i won (!) last week in round one of leigh and gray’s giveaways! hey, that rhymes. seriously, though, i’m psyched! pippa is gonna be one adorable girly girl decked out in her pinks and browns. and anyone who’s ever seen my daughter knows how i feel about pink and brown. L-O-V-E.

i must admit, there is some fierce competition for these goods because this stuff is so adorable and fabulous, so to all the ladies whom i beat out (jess and glory…love you), better luck next time! oh…no wait…i meant…sorry? (no, that’s not it eitherhmm) ;)

so you’ve GOT TO hop onto their site and check out this weeks giveaways. like i mentioned last week:

“you can help them (adopt from ethiopia) and win AMAZING (many hand made) items in their giveaway fundraiser. for every $5 you donate (super easily through paypal) you get one entry towards one of the many different giveaways on their website . all you have to do is donate, then comment under the giveaway you like with your name and some way to contact you, and you’re in the runnings!”

good luck!

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  1. suzannah

    wow–what a score!