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Sep 3, 2009 by

okay. i can’t even begin to tell you what happens when i stop writing. i have to “inner” blog, which is taxing on the brain, and then my head gets far too full of raw material, and then i get mad because i can’t write it, and so on. somehow just the very act of writing it makes life better, or makes it right, or makes it real. lee and i talk about that sometimes. writing is therapeutic.

so i’m stealing a few of the minutes i’ve been looking for to write a little something about life. and then move on to more exciting and interesting topics, like the new grommetted curtains i bought for the living room, or that culture blog i’m working on, or the fact that it’s september (?!), or about the woven trunk coffee table i just found at target for 30% off and could just spit it looks so good? things like that.

but first, here goes a little of where i’m at his very moment.

basically i’ve come to the realization over the past two weeks that i’ve been absent, that working 10 to 20 hours with two small children who require my presence is no joke. or actually, maybe it is a joke. like, funny/ha-ha/madness/silly/i’m a crazy person-type thing. it becomes genuinely laughable how little time i have, not only for myself, but for keeping up with a husband (he’s the best best BEST and most understanding ever), friends (if i still have any. if i do, i miss you!), children (love, bathe, feed, clothe, read to, play with [try not to ignore], keep an eye on [or just wait until someone cries], and so on), a garden (water it, weed it, pick it, read about it so you know HOW and WHEN to pick it), a yard (mow it, water it, dig in it [more on that soon]), a house (vacuum, dust, sweep; dishes, laundry, toys, etc to the nth power), hygiene (shower, brush teeth, get dressed, try and look more like a fashion major than a fashion don’t), and the such.

whew. it’s tiring to even think about it. but all you moms/wives/home & apartment dwellers out there know all about it and live it, too. and we love it, we hate it, and it makes us frustrated sometimes, it makes us overjoyed sometimes. it’s life, right? you know, like- i really want to read the in style i took home from the library days ago. really. and that book i found called “the power of less” looks interesting, but i have yet to open it. familiar, right? “i’ll get to it eventually…”

i am NOT complaining here, though. not even a stitch. i am BEYOND ecstatic to be working, to have extra hours, and to have tasks that are mind stimulating in any degree beyond reading kids books and playing dolls. as fun as those things are, they are meant for those about two decades younger than i.

so i LOVE work, and i LOVE life, and i feel so SO blessed. truly.

so that’s all i have to say about that.

now. on to more exciting things. tomorrow, hear about what elias is into. i’ll give you a hint. it involves pee. oh yeah. life is never dull and ordinary around here!

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