tea time…or pee time?

Sep 8, 2009 by

so i’m cleaning the toy room the other night and i’m looking for these magnets that go to something i wanted to hang in the kids toy room for their artwork. i had let elias play with them (my first mistake) and can’t find them anywhere. i’m thinking “did he eat them?…did piper?…are they stuck to something random somewhere?…”

can’t find them. but i open one of the cabinets in eli’s little kitchen, and i see a tea cup. grandma nancy gave piper THE cutest tea set made out of tin for her birthday, and there, sitting on the shelf inside the little cabinet is one of these little tea cups.

full of pee.

yes- you read that right. pee.

now my first thought is “how in the WORLD did he ever pee into this tiny tea cup with out making a mess?! and without me KNOWING?!” there was no pee to be seen anywhere around this tea cup. not so much as a ring underneath it when i picked it up. (gross.) and this pee had been in there for a day or two (trust me, it just was). so i was never privy to nor invited to this pee party, which is uncharacteristic, because elias is the kid who’s like “guess what i did mom!” or “yes, i hit piper”…secrets and lying are just not his forte.

so i’m puzzled by this pee/tea cup, and i’m also kind of impressed. not that i should be, i should be mad or something, but i was. i was just impressed. and a little mad at the peeing in places other than the toilet. we’ve been peeing in the toilet for a long time now, so i wasn’t sure what to make of the peeing in random things. the thought of it started to make me a lit-tle nervous…

a couple of days go by. still no magnets, which is killing me because i can’t stand it when i can’t find something. i’ll look all day and in every spare moment to find it. but no luck on the magnets yet. so i’m cleaning up again one night, and i pick up the tea kettle and i hear something clanging around inside. i look inside and there i find the three missing magnets…

and some more pee.

awesome. i guess when your mom says “no more water” in the tea set (since it was rusting), you have to find other ways to make believe. and, of course, now i know how he had such amazing accuracy- his pouring skills are fantastic.

anyone for pee time, i mean, tea time?!

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  1. Amber M. Bazdar

    best blog EVER

  2. WitchyEditor

    this could be the funniest thing I've ever read.

  3. Leigh

    Awesome. This is one of those stories you will be telling his wife in 20 years.