the catch up poem

Oct 8, 2009 by

(humor me)

to try to catch you up to speed-
well, that would take a century
‘what’s going on?’
you might ask.
i’ll try to sum it
up real fast:
messes, dishes, laundry piles
haven’t blogged in quite a while
it’s hard working 15 hours
surely there’s no time for showers
2 teeth coming in for piper,
change another dirty diaper
young boy covers room with poop
wakes last night, can’t breath, has croup
my puke yellow door- it makes me happy
his puke on the floor- that’s kinda crappy
piles of notes and things to-do
cleaning, washing, nothing new
thank you notes on desk unsent
wondering where all the weeks have went
grocery shopping and meals to cook
need a nap, want to read my book!
life feels too disorganized
outstanding tasks are super-sized
luckily my husband holds it down
on the days i’m not around
house is clean, kids are fed,
tucked and snuggled in their beds
i am thankful to have work
and try not to be a tired jerk
let’s play with puzzles, go for walk
call a friend, for a moment, talk
talk to Jesus, ask for help
i can’t do this by myself
realize there’s never enough days,
working or not, life will be crazed
just take care of children, love them well
on the hard things, do not dwell
know you’re blessed beyond belief
get ready to face another week
i’d love to catch you all up more
and not about poop and puke on my floor
i know, dear friends, these crazy weeks
have not allowed for many peeks
inside the walls of my brain and life
as a mom and pastors wife
but in time i think, i’ll be back to share
with friends and family everywhere

so stay tuned…

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  1. WitchyEditor

    very clever =)

    drove by your house after coming home from my mom's in Taunton. What a cute little abode ;)

  2. suzannah

    sounds crazy! hope life calms down a bit soon and you find moments of stillness in the storms.