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The transition to working mom from stay at home mom has not been the smoothest. I never really imagined it would be easy…annnd I never imagined it would be difficult (what then DID I imagine??)

See, the job part is not the hard part- I have the best job imaginable, and I enjoy every minute if it. I like getting out of the house and doing something different and…adult, if you will. The hard part is accounting for the 12 to 20 hours that I am not home, not doing errands, not cleaning, not doing laundry, and not even thinking about my ever-growing to do list.

How DO you make up the lost hours? And how do you not fall so far behind that you become irate and overwhelmed and defeated?

These are the questions I’ve been working through. I wasn’t getting very far actually, until Dave stepped in and showed me the difference between boys and girls. Or maybe it’s just he and I.

What is it, you ask?

It’s logic. Versus emotion.

Now, I’m not a sterotypical gal. I paint my toenails, sure, but I am not overly emotional or hysterical when it comes to life. But for some reason, I could not get over the amount of things piling up on my plate…and on my desk. And instead of looking at the list as tasks to accomplish, I was looking at the sheer length of the list and thinking it was absurd, and there was simply no way I was getting anything done. Ever. And that was that.

Way to be, Michelle.

But in about 10 minutes, my better half showed me that it’s all about approach, all about logic, all about tasks when you make big changes and need new methods. And even though my eyes darted at him through a furrowed brow, he was right. And he was helping me. And I was, and am, very appreciative. I love that guy. He’s swell.

It makes me grateful that God made men and women with different strengths and abilities. I believe there are things men can just do better than women. And vice versa.

We may be equal…but we a DEFINITELY not the same.

Can I get an amen?!

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  1. Anonymous

    Aloha Michelle!

    C'est moi, Eric in Chicago. I haven't explored the website in the following link, but I have read "Getting Things Done" (and had a full day's professional training at work), and GTD has pretty much revolutionized both my office and life to-do lists, inasmuch as I get everything out of my head. "Mind like water", as I've seen in the workplace, works for both men AND women, with logic and emotion balanced but present.

    Happy Halloweeeeen,

  2. michelle

    i like it :)
    and you're right- we both need a balance of logic and emotion, us men and women.
    great to hear from you! how IS everything over there in chicago?