Pip’s hips

Oct 30, 2009 by

Today I’m taking Pippa to Mass General to check up on her hips. It seems so long ago since we were here last. I remember last time her being so little, and thinking about coming back when she was walking seemed so far off.

And here we are.

For those of you who don’t know, Piper had hip dysplasia when she was born. And then, miraculously, it was gone. Because that’s how God rolls sometimes. So we’re back just to make sure her hips are still looking good now that she’s running around like a crazy girl.

I also have to say that sitting here looking around, I feel so so SO grateful that she’s not in a half body cast, being pushed in a wheelchair. SO grateful to know a God who answers prayer. Not that He had to, not that she’s special, but that it was His plan.

I just don’t want to forget that bones don’t heal themselves, and miracles are not the work if unknown forces. It’s not faulty x-ray readings (although I asked) its not bad doctors (they’re the best in the world, people), it’s not chance, it’s not luck, it’s not karma, and it’s not happenstance.

We’re waiting, but I know a real and living God. Who actually listens when we speak to Him. And there sure is a lot of hope and peace in that…

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