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Was that really FIVE years ago?!
Here are some wedding pictures to commemorate the best move ever made by yours truly, next to investing in that black pair of theory pants. just kidding. Here is a selection of my very favorites :)
(And thanks for all the anniversary wishes, guys. BEST anniversary EVER. i’ll be sharing some photos of our Newport experience on Monday, so be sure to check in!)

me and my neices, Caley and Madey

Narragansett Bay. The view from OceanCliff.

I had my tailor bustle the back of this dress more, because I simply ADORE bustling. It wasn’t widely vaialble 5 years ago at my price point, but now it’s everywhere. Of course. It’s alright-10 years, I’ll get married again (renew my vows, people.), and maybe I’ll be able to find a Monique Lhuillier knock off so I can have all that lace I always wanted! :)

Me and Lee and Ams

Windy was an understatement :)

me and my dad

we do…glady

me and sister

Happy 5th to one amazing husband.

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  1. Kelli

    Michelle, your wedding was beautiful! I love Ocean Cliff as a venue :) Congrats on 5 years!

  2. michelle

    Thanks! I love Newport…it's such a beautiful place :)

  3. LeeAnn

    Happy Anniversary, friend! (Sorry I didn't say that yesterday!) I can't believe how young Caley and Madison look in that picture! Wow…five years go by so fast=)