Dining room dilemma

Nov 6, 2009 by

Okay, dilemma is an overstatement, but I am having some trouble finding this elusive paint color I’ve been envisioning for our dining room.

Rewind: I originally wanted a warm golden hue…but because I’m impatient, I picked a swatch, bought a gallon, brought it home, and what did I have?

School bus yellow. Slash orange. Slash bright neon heart attack.

Its been a year. I’ve made friends with it.

But then I saw this color in my This Old House magazine and my heart done fell into my sock:

It’s just the right amount of orange and I knew it would work in my house because, heck, it reminded me of my dining room. Or at least what I aspire my dining room to be…

Begin: paint trial 1. I almost left with a gallon, and if it weren’t for the Home Depot chick suggesting a color sample, I’d have been stuck with a color that I’m unsure of again. Here’s my dilemma- I can’t tell if I love it or not. The color on the left is literally school bus electric boogie oogie. Dont let the photo lure you into a false sense of prettiness. And the pumpkin pie action on the right, well, Iike better, but I’m not giddy and jumping, and good paint makes me do dances. Like, my yellow doors- if you drove by during any of the process, I was literally doing the cabbage patch. I’m sure ONE of you out there caught it.

And that’s what I want! Pure, unrestrained dancing and glee.

What do you all think?

Here’s a close up:

And the whole wall:

And down the alley:

Annnd the other side:

And turn around:

And my cute pictures of my kids my mom took. Couldn’t resist ;)

I’m open to your thoughts. I have an inclination to go a shade darker for an even richer color. But I gotta act fast! My rollers are gonna dry out!

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  1. Amber M. Bazdar

    I think its a little orange… but its hard to compare with it next to the other… Maybe I should come down to have tea with you so we can discuss more in detail. :) lol

  2. erin

    hm. now i usually hate yellow a lot, but when its bright like that, i like it. so the bright one looks good, i think, but i can tell it MAY be a bit too wowsy in person, as you said. How about a yellow like the dots in your header. THAT is nice.