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Since I’d yell them from a rooftop anyway, why not share? Here’s a sneak peek of my vows, sans anything inappropriate, of course :)

The thing about loving you is that its just. too. easy. I knew 5 years ago that I loved you, and that I’d love you more every day. It was obvious. But looking back over these past five years, I feel like God must really love me a lot to have given me a husband as amazing as you. Truly. And I wonder if He is playing some kind of joke on me sometimes, the way you seem to read my mind and anticipate my needs. Being married to you is far more spectacular than what I could have ever anticipated. Being married to you makes me smile even just thinking about it. I love your ideas, and I love your mind, I love your “immersions.” I love your athleticism, I love your devotion, I love how capable you are. I love your tree eyes and your smile and your laugh. I love how well we fit and how well we complement each other. You bring a lot of joy to my life.

Being with you means anything is possible, and there is nothing that can’t be done. There is no situation, no circumstances that I ever feel nervous or worried about…as long as I have you (and Jesus). And when I am overwhelmed, you help me, and when I feel sad, you tickle me, and when I’m mad, you talk with me and when I’m glad, you laugh with me. And when I am ridiculous…well, you laugh AT me. You know what to do, you know when to do it, and you know how to do it.

These past five years have been so crazy, so amazing, so wonderful, so joy-filled, so revolutionary, so…typical us. I literally can’t wait to see what 5 more years will bring to us, but I have a feeling that if they look anything like the first 5, they’ll be awesome. I cant wait to do anything and everything with
you. I especially can’t wait until your hair is salt and peppered and I convince you to wear loafers and aviators. In time…

You’ve given me many gifts over five years: love, commitment, security, happiness, confidence, wisdom, contentment, and a personal favorite- two healthy, beautiful, bright, and delightful children. Thank you for helping me to raise them to be respectful, loving, patient, kind, and good. Thank you for never thinking it it’s my job to raise them, but for always being hands on, all in, and involved. Thank you for supporting me, for helping me, for protecting me, for laughing at my jokes, for liking me more than anyone else in the whole world, for snuggling me, for understanding me, and for knowing how to dismantle my quiet anger. It is a wonderful thing to be known by you.

When I said ‘I do’ five years ago, I had no idea what it would mean to spend a life with you. When I said I’d be your wife, I had no idea how easy loving you would be. When I made that commitment to you, I had no idea how happy I’d be to be with you alone forever. And when I told you forever, I had no idea how secure that promise would make me feel. I know that you will love me forever, even when I’m not loveable. And since these are vows, I ought to promise you some things, eh? I promise to love you more each day, and better each day. To be what you need; to be the woman next to you, supporting you, listening to you, encouraging you, and helping you. I promise to respect you, to grow alongside you, and I promise that I will be here forever, even if it gets harder. Because you are a man worth fighting for. After all, I did wait six years for you to look at me twice- I think I owe us both that. You, David, are my Deep Blue Sea- the man in my dreams and of my dreams. I love you and adore you an embarrassingly immeasurable amount. Forever.


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