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Nov 12, 2009 by

You know what you do when you write a blog and it somehow accidentally disappears? Well, you get a little miffed. Then you wait 30 seconds, breathe deep, and you scrap the original blog and write a much better one (read: shorter one).

About hair. And cool things like that. Because it will make you feel better about writing for the 20 minutes you didn’t have and having nothing to show for it ;)

So Shag was awesome, and I’d recommend Lisa to anyone who wants an edgy rockstar haircut. I was laughing at how suburban I looked in a salon full of tatoos and mohawks and awesome red cowboy boots. I loved it..except I felt, and looked, quite like a mom after a 10 hour workday. But who exactly was I hoping to look like? Haha, I WAS a mom after a 10 hour workday.


You know what it is? Well, its probably a lot if things, but I blame it on that fashion degree of mine- it pulls at my sensibilities and says absurd things like “you’ll totally wear those shoes…just buy them” and “why aren’t you, umm, dressed yet?” and “don’t you have anything…cuter?” And I yell “leave me aloneee, that was 10 years ago and I have small children who wipe their boogers on my leg and those…shoes…hurt…meeee!”

Hmph. So there, take THAT long tangent of a thought just to say that seriously, I don’t need more social pressures and expectations. From one hour in a hair salon. Am I alright?! Just because the people at Shag have cool cowboy boots and sweet tats doesn’t mean, well, anything. Except they clearly shop at far more interesting places than me :) Jesus wasn’t worried if he had brand name sandles, a cutting edge look, or if he was trendy and fashionable. And I rest assured he is more pleased with me if I focus on important things…

Like having awesome hair.


And for the record, Dave had to take about 3679425788368032 of these before there was a shot or two that I deemed worthy to share with the world at large. I’d much rather be putting my kids pictures up here :)

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  1. Danielle

    Your hair cut looks hot. And, on a side note, you should totally dye your hair. I've never seen you with dark hair. You should try everything at least once!

  2. Daina

    i go to lisa at shag! (well, went to, ya know, before nicaragua got in the way) she is fabulous! thats too funny. and ur hair looks fierce.

  3. michelle

    thanks, danielle! i think i'm going to do some lowlights next. the colorist at shag agreed with that alternative since my roots would look bad if i don't keep up with them…which i know i won't. so that's the first step "into the darkness" ;)

    and daina, you nut, you're the inspiration for shag! you told me you saw lisa and i wrote it down because your hair looked SO good! maybe you missed your shout out ;)
    miss you lots, and thanks for helping me find a salon that "gets it"!