"the Newport experience"

Nov 17, 2009 by

So our night away was simply charmed.
Pretty much everything we ever could have hoped for in one short night. Some photos…

Here is Dave in the room we got upgraded to…pretty much four times the size of our original room. WITH an ocean view. What a little blessing :)

The Narragansett Bridge, umm, out our window…

Per the concierges suggestion of where to find delicious food, we headed down to Bannister’s Wharf to eat at the Clark Cook House. And we sat next to the fireplace, so that pretty much made my night.

Ambiance? Check.

Perhaps some of the best salmon I’ve ever had. The crab cakes were good, too, although I still think I make a meaner crab cake at home for, like, an eighth of the price. Just sayin.

Later on we stopped in at The Pelham for a drink and to hear the Kulprits cover some sweet 90’s music.

Thames Street on one of those warmish, breezy, rainy, beautiful nights. You know those nights??

And last stop was this room at OceanCliff, in the very same spot we said our vows five years ago. I have to say that this time it was somehow more meaningful after five years of a life spent together. Plus, Davey said all kinds of romantic, heartfelt, and complimentary things to me. C’monn, you can’t go wrong with romance, people.

And I leave you with some shots around the hotel.

I kinda wish this mirror was here when I got married. It’s stinking beautiful!

All in all, a great night away, a great husband, and seriously- a great life. And a very special shout out to my sister for holding down the fort with her kids AND my kids. For almost 24 hours. Like whoa.

So everyone: renew your vows. Every year. Do it.

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