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Nov 11, 2009 by

tonight i’m swinging into southy for a quick haircut at shag salon. my beautiful cousin daina got her hair did there, and it looked fffabulous. as it should- shag salon has apparently been featured on E! and MTV, for pete’s sake. my husband insists that for our anniversary (the 14th is practically here!) i go some place a little swanky to get my hair cut again. partially because he thinks hairdressers keep mussing my hair up. fair enough. it’s quite uneven right now. and it’s our 5 year, so i gotta look gooood.

if you recall, i was contemplating going dark (back in MARCH. don’t rush into anything, michelle. and the cut i’m going for is somewhere between the victoria beckham and rhiannado’s in that post), but i’m holding off for now. partially because i’m a wuss, and partially because everyone and their mom thinks i’m going awol for even considering it. any blondes out there go dark?? c’monn, a vote of confidence would be great. so the dark will wait…although low lights are likely on my horizon.

for my anniversary, you may also recall i wanted to go gown shopping. which i did, and do, but considering what it takes to get away from two children for one wholeeee night, and the details involved in having photographs taken and the logistical nightmare it becomes in my head? forget it, i’m opting for a quiet night away, just davey and i. no frills, no fuss. maybe dinner, maybe a movie, and the rest can wait. the dress, the photographs and all can come down the road when i don’t have a my plate stacked ridiculously high on a precarious ledge on a windy day. i’m already planning a 10 year mini ceremony. more on that to come :)

we’re still heading to oceancliff in newport and renewing our vows to each other, which was the most important thing to us. somewhere, on the cliff walk next to the ocean, or on the grounds at the hotel, or in bed at night, or over breakfast. doesn’t matter. maybe you’ll get a sneak peek of my vows, and as requested, some more wedding photos (andrea).

less fuss makes me happy. i’m relieved. to not have to think about anything except what i’m wearing to dinner is good for my heart.

hang on- what AM i wearing to dinner?

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  1. Jessi

    I've gone dark before and here is my honest opinion – it is so fun, for like three months. So if it's worth it to you to take the trouble to go back – do it! It's sometimes a rough transition. Oh, and do a purple-based brown, not a red-based brown. Those look gross on blondes. I unfortunately know from experience:http://www.naptimediaries.com/2008/03/oh-gosh-warning-lot-of-cuteness-ahead.html
    LOVE all the anniversary stuff. Just love it. How about we do a shared fifth/sixth anniversary together halfway in between next year – say a datenight in September?

  2. Leigh

    can't wait to see the new do!!!

    And I am a blonde(am I? I mean I was when I start coloring my hair but that was YEARS ago) and I went dark a few years ago and LOVED IT. By Love I mean obsessed love! Then my Dad said he wouldn't pay for a wedding unless my hair was blonde…oh yes he is that crazy and cares that much about what color my hair is. But I have a picture on my desk with my family and my hair is dark in it and I always want to go back, my hair doesn't love to be dark though so I had to dye it very often and obviously that in not in the budget these days. DO IT! you can always dye it back!

  3. michelle

    jess- ohmygosh i can't even think about it! a double anniversary sounds like the best idea EVER! so i'm thinking lowlights to start. the colorist at shag and i agreed to ease into dark to make sure i'm feeling it, but thats only bc i'm such a wussy and i'm too afraid to buy a box of hair dye and jump right in.
    leigh- great advice. i think at some point in this little life of mine i simply MUST be DARK dark. not just dark blonde or brown. i think, like yourself, i could quite possibly fall madly in love with it.