all i want for christmas

Dec 10, 2009 by

(warning: this blog is whiny, but i have to get it out there)

my iphone to not be broken :/
my to-do list to magically appear from inside my broken iphone so i can, ummm, do stuff. i desperately need a brain with the capacity to recall without the use of technology.
so, a brain. with total recall. like reid on criminal minds.
time to blog. since i cant blog from a broken phone. ehh.
time to christmas shop WITHOUT children. my back is not feeling very excellent after pushing two kids around the mall, running after piper, and things of the such.
so a new back, too. with superhuman strength. to lift heavy dressers without pulling muscles. that lead to being punched in my spine a million times with an activator by my chiropractor.
annnd to not have a whiny embarrassing silly list of things that don’t really matter.
but they do.
a little.
to me.
okay. i hate even having to read all that complaining. i’m done now. and i’m going to turn it around. immediately. here i go:
this is why i’m grateful:
that my job even affords me the ability to have an iphone in my possession. because that technology is flipping awesome.
that to-do lists don’t matter as much as playing with my kids, reading them books, and spending time with them. to-do lists, in fact, are directly from satan. that’s the rumor.
that my brain does remember…some stuff. i think? ;)
that i am, in fact, blogging. right now. real quick. while my kids glare at me and shove books at my keyboard. and cry. and yell. and climb all over me.
that i did manage to get a couple things at the mall today. including a much cooler birthday gift for my husband (who will be 33 tomorrow!) than i had
that my back is considerably better after being aligned and resting this weekend as much as possible. that’s huge. because i was a cripple there for a few days, and it was TOTALLY my fault (sick truth is, i’d do it again in a second. when i’m painting, i cannot be bothered to think about how ridiculously heavy a dresser is. and my bedroom looks awesome. pictures to come…whennnn i can get them…off my iphone).
SO. that’s all i’ve got for you right now. and i feel better. sorry it wasn’t more glamorous. just bein’ real :)

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  1. KAndrews

    I just want you to know that you are one of the most amazing women I know! I read your blog and Facebook updates (I'm a bit of a lurker) and hope that I will someday have the motivation that you do. Your always so upbeat, and stylish, and your a great writer by the way :o) Anyway, Zac and I need to have you and Dave and the kiddies over for dinner sometime. I miss seeing you guys!

    <3 Kat

  2. michelle

    aww, kat! thank you :) i love lurkers, since i'm also a lurker myself. let's have dinner soon! maybe after the crazy holiday rush?? we'd love to catch up…

  3. suzannah

    glad you're feeling better.

    my two cents? don't take those kids to the mall or stress about getting back there. not worth it! it's not to late for online shopping, and there's not much you can't get shipped free from amazon. good luck!

  4. WitchyEditor

    If you ever want a Reiki treatment let me know. Could help your back out and give you much needed relaxation during this crazy time of year =)