Let it snow

Dec 20, 2009 by

Gee, I just got my iPhone back up and running, only to have our spanking new (I mean, seriously?! It’s less than a year old) computer decide to freeze. Over. And. Over.

Totally. Busted.

Orrrr not.


Technology…I’m trying to be in your corner, but you just keep rooking it (right, Ams?) ;) Oh well, I’ll just show you what’s what and bust out a blog anyway. Take that.

As many of you are aware of, unless you’re living contentedly under a rock, the Big Guy is takin out the big guns and giving us a blizzard! Yay! love being snowed in! Get a big old fire blazing in the wood stove, bake some cookies, read, play Legos…I mean, what could be better than THAT?! Who cares if I haven’t finished Christmas shopping?!

*nervous face*

Ah, well. My Christmas cards aren’t done yet either. Details, details…

That’s okay, Christmas time rules. Here’s some holly jolly pictures :)

Stay warm, everyone!

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