little prayers

Jan 29, 2010 by

(today, at lunch)

me: “we should thank God for this food. who wants to pray?”
elias: “i will.” folds hands, squeezes eyes shut. “dear God, thank you for this food, and our family, and for Jesus. amen.”

you can imagine my utter shock and amazement- he didn’t pray for atv’s?! or dirtbikes?! or swords?! or bad guys?! actually, wait. praying for bad guys is cool…

i truly adore watching elias grow and try to understand faith and Jesus and a creator God. and i bet that it’s just as special for God to hear the prayers of little ones. and even if he’s praying for spiderman and batman, his little heart is so pure. it’s a refreshing thing to my faith to see things through the eyes of a three year old.

so while he’s thanking God for candy, and his friends, and for pirates, i’m thanking God for him :)

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