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Feb 18, 2010 by

it’s early, but eli’s one liners wait for no one. i had told elias that i’d consider letting him watch one more show this morning, but he wasn’t being very kind to piper, so i was undecided. i suddenly realized i was alone upstairs and when I came down, the two of them were sitting watching dora the explorer. i sat down to put on my socks, not saying anything yet about the tv and eli turns to me and says:

“i said to myself, maybe there is a show on that is appropriate for kids, and i saw this and so i watched it.”

i mean, really?! i’m letting him watch dora just for saying appropriate! i’m not even mad…i’m impressed!

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  1. suzannah @ so much shouting/laughter

    out of control! love:)

  2. Anonymous

    thats fantastic!! i love epic one liners. Do you keep a journal of all these fantastic stories and one liners for each kid???