l-o-v-e in the uk

Feb 23, 2010 by

can you even STAND it?!
even MORE fabulous items in target?
is it possible?!
march 14, liberty of london is headed to target to make it even more impossible for me to not shop.
i might need an intervention. someone will have to literally lock me in my house and steal my amex. the pillows and lamps and cannisters and note cards and dresses…and…and…

oh gosh. it’s hard for me to breath with all this fabulousness.


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  1. suzannah @ so much shouting/laughter

    so many pretties!

  2. erin

    oh man, you're right. that's a lotta beautiful. Here's how I'm gonna deal with the temptation: Remind myself that as soon as something comes to Target and become that easily accessible and mainstream…it will lose all it's charm in like 3 months. Ideally. Let's hope so.

    I'm actually taking a target break…this is a big deal for a mom, but good for the brain i think. and the amex! my amex has problems.

  3. Jessi