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we all do it.

we can’t help it.there’s something fascinating about someone else’s life, isn’t there? if you’re reading this, then you, like me, are a lurker. if you’re tweeting, or posting on facebook, or watching survivor or the bachelor, then you, my friend, like knowing what is going on in other people’s lives.

before i go any further, let me assure you, lurking is not a bad thing at all. it sounds like a dirty word, like peeper, or creeper, or prowler, but i assure you, lurking is part of our culture now. we all are in each others lives through some medium, especially my generation. andyou know what?! i think it’s FANTASTIC.


because blogging, like many other mediums, is a way to connect with each other. my friend suzannnah (i lurk and follow her life via her blog) put it this way:

if you had told me two years ago that blogging would create relationships with strangers in other parts of the
country and across the world, i would have told you that was insane.
what kind of creeper becomes “friends” with people online? um, apparently me, and i’m grateful for the connections, especially during a season of life that can be achingly isolating.

being home all day with tiny people is lonely.

and wonderful.

but lonely, nonetheless.
this space has made the distance seem narrower.”

i told suzannah that i would steal her words because they’re so poignant for me and for others who need a space. to write and think outloud. to share. to be heard. especially moms, who have no time to themselves, yet are still somehow allll alone.i adore sharing my life you and with the world. not because my life is that interesting, but because i know it can impact people’s lives in a positive way. or bring some joy or some laughter to someone’s day. or maybe i can challenge someone with a thought. or maybe i can just share my little life (and my little children) with you (and with our family that is spread literally all over the world). 

i’m really glad your here, lurking around. it’s such a cool thing to be connected with so many, near and far, and so easily. however, there is a price to pay as a lurker. are you ready?


i, michelle, challenge you, lurker, to leave comments here on blogger. i love to hear your feedback, and like suzannah articulated in her post, it helps me to feel “less naked.” you can create a blogger profile really easily with just a name and your email address (to keep wacko spammers at bay), and if you have gmail, you can just sign in.

so let’s keep the conversation going :)

picture taken by joel hall

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  1. Hi, I'm Amy!

    I will be the first to delurk :) I'm Amy! I occasionally pop over and check out your blog from Jessi's. She and I went to high school together in Charlotte. We lost touch for a while … and then reconnected, thanks to the wonderful world of facebook and blogger.

  2. suzannah @ so much shouting/laughter

    delurking here:)

    you're sweet to quote me! i am so glad to have found you in this space. i remember the first time i clicked here, i think i read a whole page full of posts, and i couldn't believe how much we had in common.

    it's been lovely getting to know you. good luck getting your lurkers to come out of their shadows!

    (are you watching the bachelor? i keep watching, no matter how ridiculous!)

  3. Leigh

    well I'll break the ice…you know I always read! :)

  4. Jessi

    ugh, I'll delurk for you. I read EVERY time you post:) And I usually don't comment till I can comment on everything at 5:51am. I'm growing tired of lurkers and I'm thinking of just calling out towns from my site meter and asking people to own up. :)

  5. michelle

    hi amy! i'll have to delurk now on your blog, too, eh? ;)
    s- we DO have a lot in common. even our husbands have a lot in common. i'm glad we can connect through the miles! (and yes, i can't help myself because vienna is STILL there. i mean, WHAT is going on?! jake is such a sweet, genuine guy. so of course he'll pick the psycho, right?)
    l- it's true, you are one of my faithful commenters :)
    j- lol, i am so guilty of reading and not commenting, and with 3 babies, i would be alarmed if you had lots of time to leave comments, although i covet them :)
    so is it cool if we start (verbally) accosting lurkers? lol ;)