my crayon box

Feb 11, 2010 by

my crayon box
Okay, let’s talk paint some more, since I love paint :)
In the past, I’ve never been a bold color girl. Maybe in handbags or shoes, but never on say, walls. But this house is different. We live in a 1847 Cape, and traditionally people stick with airy, beachy, soft Cape colors in a house such as ours. But I found this amazing green when we were re-doing the foyer that threw me straight over the edge into bold and saturated and fabulous…
My predicament with the main floor, however, is this: It’s currently running the risk of becoming a Crayola crayon box. I’ll elaborate…
Here is the foyer- deep rich mossy pukey green. My very favorite paint choice ever (Benjamin Moore’s avocado):


That armoire, by the way, was $20 on Craigslist. I just painted it :) Oh yeah, deals on wheels…


A quick family pic :)


Off the foyer is a bright red bathroom, which was red when we moved in and I actually like:


When you walk through the foyer, and into the kitchen, you are greeted by Benjamin Moore’s “ol’ blue eyes” which is really bright and fabulous, and works because there isn’t much wall space at all in the kitchen.


And off the kitchen is the dining room, which as you know, I’ve felt tempted to paint again, given its school bus yellow-orange condition. Still undecided on the paint here, and still not convinced I want to go pumpkin, though I likely will just to steer away from the “crayon box” syndrome.


I mean, this yellow, Valspar’s “morning sunrise”…is electric, boogie oogie.


Off the kitchen is the kids toy room/my office, and it’s yet to be painted because the windows need to be replaced (we’d really like to blow the whole thing off and make a bigger addition to expand the kitchen and give us a little bit of basement that’s not dirt, but that’s not in the cards for now). This room is a pale pale blue grey, and I’m thinking of painting it a warm darker tan. Any thoughts?


Lastly is the living room. As you can see, we tore the ceiling down (a while ago now) to see if the beams underneath were nice enough to expose…but not so much, unfortunately. Eventually, rough pine board will replace the non-ceiling and that sad excuse for a built in will get ripped down, too. My original thought for this room was to paint it red. But now I’m shying away from red and moving towards the blue in the pillows below. A steely blue. Again, thoughts?


The curtains:


i thought that I had found the same paint that was on the walls when I did some patch work. Apparentlyyy not.


So c’mon, all my design/paint/interior decorating girls (you know who you are)…I need some feedback so I can get to work!
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  1. Leigh

    Okay, I am so not good at this and we have only painted 3 rooms in our house. And two of them are the same color. We haven't painted the kids room yet since we have no idea if they are boys or girls or one of each. The bathroom needs to be totally redone so we have done nothing to it. And the dining room makes me want to cry because it really really needs paint but oh well, getting our kids home is more important right now.

    You have seen the grey color that our den and kitchen is painted, i love it, i'm not sure I will ever be able to break myself of this color. It really is my most favorite color ever for walls. I would HIGHLY recommend it to anyone.

    Go with your gut! The rest of your house is faaaabulous (in a sing songy voice) so I highly doubt you will make a bad decision!

  2. michelle

    leigh, you crack me up! tell me- what is the name of this grey you speak of?!