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i have to say that i’m really not quite ready to let my little guy grow up. i’m sort of avoiding preschool, actually. if i sign him up, then he has to go, and…get…well, BIG.
i digress.
so i’m looking into preschools in the area that are first and foremost:
a) convenient.
b) affordable.
c) and, of course, they need to teach, and well.
southeastern regional high school has a program that has come highly recommended to me from a few different people, and since it’s practically across the street from the church, ie, only 6 miles from us, so it’s one of the front runners.
let’s talk about this, though, moms. did any of you realize how EXPENSIVE preschool is?!
holy moly!
here is a breakdown of southeastern’s center for early learners:
full day program:
tuesday and thursday, 7:15am-4:15pm: $60/wk
monday/wed/friday, 7:15am-4:15pm: $90/wk
i think we’re doing a full day program because i’m not about to get us all out of the house every single day. nooo thanks. i’ll have to do that every year from now until he’s 18, so i’m cool with not making that kind of daily commitment right now (if your curious what the pricing is for a half day- full week, it’s mon-fri, 7:15-11:45, $75/wk).

but have you done the math on it?!
$60/wk for 16 weeks = $960

20 weeks = $1200
24 weeks = $1440

!!! whoa, baby. i don’t actually know how many weeks this particular program is, though i do know it starts 9/8/10, but regardless, it’s hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of dollars. worth it, sure, but surprising for me, to say the least.
so i want to hear back from you!

do you think the cost of preschool is exorbitant? or would you pay anything to get them out of the house, ahem, i mean, educated? (kidding, kidding)

do you see pro’s and con’s for half days versus full days?

local readers- do you have suggestions of other great programs? what is their pricing like? for how many days and what times??
i’m one for making educated decisions (excuse the pun), so let’s talk some preschool, mamas!

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  1. Hi, I'm Amy!

    My little man (who turned 3 in Oct.)just started in a Wee School program at the First Baptist Church in my town. He goes M, W, F from 8:30 – 11:30. The cost is $150/month. The program is GREAT and he LOVES to go. He's in his 3rd week and he's already came home counting higher than I've ever heard him go before and he told me "mom, did you know that Noah built the arc". Gotta love that! It is a lot to get him there and come right back 3 hours later, but it's been worth it so far.

  2. suzannah @ so much shouting/laughter

    i like hearing you talk about preschool, bc on the interweb at least, christian mamas far and away skew towards homeschool…and that is not a camp i feel called to, either.

    full day sounds long for little ones (even kindergarten.) when it's dylan's time, i think we'll do just mornings 2-3 days a week.

  3. Anonymous


    I went to Little House nursery school, which is now call the learning loft. I dont know how much it is but you should look into it. It is on Elm street in Raynham, right across the street from my road Hall street.

    – Beth

  4. Natalie

    Hi its Natalie McKinnon
    hay Michelle. id love to give my feedback! you forget that im majoring in early childhood education! Some preschools are more than others! It really depends on what you are looking for? I know some kids who went to preschool and then kindergarten, while other parents take the route of preschool and then pre K.Like is aid it depends on what you are looking for in a preschool, before any -parent enrolls their kid know what you want from the program and what they have to offer! full day is long but when i was working at mt place of work the kids loved the long day they were kept so busy. so maybe it would be better to look into 3 days a week for all day versus 5 long days! its hard when its half day only because its so rushed! the teachers try to fit alot in in such a short period