what are these big things?

Feb 8, 2010 by

i am brimming with things to write. overflowing. and yet i still am struggling to find time to blog amidst the 12 hours missing from my week, a room above our garage being converted into a studio for our friends matt and beth, a moms group, a couples group, a new unnamed small group, house projects, a home to clean, two children and a husband to love and care for, annnnndd whatever else it is that us mother-type people do (what DON’T we do, really?).

i know some of you are on facebook see my little updates and quick snippets, and i’m glad to have a quick way to connect. but ultimately, i miss my blog, my little place for ramblings, insights, ideas, and anecdotes, amongst other things.
so here i am, for a quick moment to share a funny story. you may have guessed already who the author of the funny is, so if you guessed elias, well…you’re right :) i just can’t even get over him these days. he is a constant source of joy and laughter in our home, and the wonderment of a 3 and a half year old is just too much.
like today, for example.
he walks up to me in the kitchen, stands right in front of me, looks up, grabs my chest, and asks “what are these big things mommy?”
immediately, i cannot hold my smile, for so many, many reasons. i mean, c’monn- he called them big.
so i look down into his adorable little smiling face and say, “well, God gave girls breasts to feed little babies” to which he replies nonchalantly, “oh, right, so you can shoot milk out of ’em.” (now i’m REALLY trying hard not to laugh. did he say “shoot“?!), and i answer “yes, milk comes out of them when the baby is little.”
and i show him his chest, and explain about boys and how they can’t feed a baby like a mommy, etc. but i was just DYING. the curiosity and innocence of little kids is just too precious.
i have to tell ya, i just love that boy*
*even if he wants to be referred to as spiderman and threatens to punch bad guys in the neck [i tell ya, explaining good and evil to a 3 year old is quite complicated…]!

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  1. suzannah @ so much shouting/laughter

    that is so funny! when dylan sees me dressing, she likes to point out my "milks" and count them. "two milks, mommy! one, two!"

    i don't really want to introduce the word breast yet, because she already likes to bring up (out of no where!), daddy has nipples, dylan has nipples, etc…like at the dinner table. i'm afraid of her talking about my boobs at church or something!

  2. Leigh

    he is too cute! that is going to be a great story to tell at his rehearsal dinner one day :)