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Mar 23, 2010 by

once upon a time i was just barely pregnant with my first child. i can remember sitting on the couch in our condo with dave, wondering what our family would one day look like. we imagined we’d have a boy and then a girl.

and then we’d have twins. a boy and a girl.

(who daydreams about having twins?!)
umm. us? there are a lot of twins in my family, so i really almost assumed i would have twins. it seemed inevitable.

it gets weirder: i had a dream the other night that i had twins. you know those dreams- the ones that you wake up from and you’re not sure if it was real life or not? it was one of those. and then i was greeted at church that same morning with my sister whispering in elias’ ear that she and he should be praying that mommy has twins. now, i don’t know how many of you have sisters out there, but we have this creepy connection we call sister sense, and sunday, it allowed the crazy thought of twins to be both in my mind and hers.

i have to tell you, i was a little freaked out after dreaming about twins, and remembering that dave and i thought we’d have twins back in 2006, and then hearing my sister randomly out of nowhere telling my son to PRAY for twins…
and every time i look down, i’m like “whoa- my belly is, like, huge.” and i feel like i want to barf everywhere all day every day, which was never the case with my first two pregnancies. so while this is my third child and my belly will get bigger sooner (and yeah, i could stand to lay off the french fries…), and while every pregnancy is different, so my nausea means, well, nothing…
i’m admittedly sort of afraid of my ultrasound on april 5th. i mean, i’m way excited to see a little baby, for sure, but now i’m a little nervous there’s going to be, like, more than one.
so. i’ve just shared my crazy person inside thoughts with you. i’m a lit-tle scared to say them out loud because we’ve been right so far surmising we’d have a boy and then a girl…
but now? i’m decidedly undecided about going for 100% accuracy.

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  1. WitchyEditor

    oh wow, twins would be crazy! can't wait to hear =)

  2. Leigh

    TWINS!!! please have twins! Tell Elias to keep praying for twins! I will even throw you some prayers for twins (even though you sound a bit scared of the whole idea)!

    I REALLY want twins! And I secretly pray that our referral will be twins, actually I not so secretly pray that a lot!

  3. michelle

    the whole thought of twins excites me just as much as it scares me! i keep thinking that i might even be, dare i say it, disappointed, if there's only one baby in there. not knowing is the killer! i'm just so curious…and sometimes there's a lot more to our intuition than we think :)