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Mar 2, 2010 by

the bedroom: after

i have to admit i’m quite pleased with how this room turned out. then again, anything is an upgrade from the hot mess it was.

this first photo is of one of my favorite little details. it’s actually a hook for a jacket, but i’m using it as a tie-back. i bought it at michaels (a craft store) for 70% off thinking i’d use it for the foyer, but when i realized there’s no place in there i want random things hanging, i decided to use it to sweep my too long curtains to the side.

the paint is a custom mix very close to behr’s “english channel” (ul230-2). i adore it. the trim is a creme color called bare (oc-98) by benjamin moore. i’m going to switch the window shutters for the white ones i had put in the bathroom since now there is no more brown trim. hallelujah!

this will eventually go on the slanted wall where we took off the old wallpaper. as soon as i’m not to nervous that i’m going to screw it up royally. eek. wallpaper scares me.

tomorrow’s post will be a sneak peek of what i have in store for the bedroom :)

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