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Mar 2, 2010 by

i love before and afters. i have a lot of before and after drafts up my sleeve, but more often than not, projects aren’t quite finished around here, and i don’t really want to post almost-after pictures. that’s way lame.
but if i don’t, i’ll never have anything to show you because nearly every room is at work in progress somehow. so i guess i’ll have to be a little lame :)

these are the before pictures of our bedroom. this room i hated more than i could ever explain for a few reasons:
a) the paint colors, though not terrible, clashed with our bedroom set. BADLY.
b) whoever painted it was likely blind. what a mess. AWFUL.
c) someone was trying to get creative with the two-tone, but didn’t finish the trim work and so it mostly looked ricrac. ugh.
d) the wallpaper on the ceiling (which is the only unfinished part now) really had to come down. it was so ugly and elias enjoyed peeling it off while he’d lay with us in bed. awesome.
e) the list goes on. and on.

i’ll post the after pictures of the bedroom in the following post and soon i’ll reveal the plans we have for it in the months to come. if you’re lucky, maybe i’ll give you a hint…

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  1. Nick

    What if the person that owned/painted the house was really blind…I really want to know that.

  2. michelle

    well, i met the owner…and his wife. and they were NOT blind. maybe they hired a blind man? painters are expensive, so maybe they decided to go that route to save money. lol