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i haven’t talked books in a while. hmmm. you know how i love books. i think for a clip i was on a little book break from “serious” or involved novels. sometimes you just need a little light reading. in my non-heavy book reading season, dave would take the kids to the library and bring back books he thought i’d enjoy, which was really fun for me because when i pick, i tend to be drawn towards certain types of books. he brought home vanished by joseph finder and michael crichton’s state of fear, which were two books i really enjoyed and read quickly. i live for suspense :) also, the “hero” in vanished was kinda cool, and “state of fear” is like this manifesto on global warming wrapped up in thriller of a story (i mean, it’s crichton, so…). a fascinating book. really. especially if you’re a little bit of conspiracy theorist like me :) and while i’m talking about the late great MC, has anyone read pirate latitudes…and liked it?? i need to know.

after that i read fireproof, which was that movie with doogie howser, i mean, kirk cameron adapted into a book by eric wilson. it was abook my mother-in-law sent me because she knows i’m hopelessly romantic and a total sucker for lovey dovey relationship stories. it was a good little story. realistic, i thought, which made it easier to enjoy.
i’m also in and out of boundaries with kids, by cloud/townsend. i think it’s a good resource for parents, and i think boundaries are an important element of child rearing.
my best friend lee and i are reading the red tent by anita diamant together right now and i have to say, it’s one of the most compelling and interesting books i’ve read in a long long time. if you haven’t already, you should read it. it’s well researched, and for me, put personalities and lives to names in the Bible that can become so familiar. i think i may really love historical fiction, and actually, it was suggested to me in one of my last book posts, so thanks!
i want to know what YOU are reading.
what should go on my list next??

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  1. suzannah @ so much shouting/laughter

    i love the red tent, too.

    did michael crichton die? i didn't know that.

    i haven't seen/read fireproof, but my friend who's not a big christian culture fan AT ALL, facebooked me to say that she was dating a guy who's responsible for that movie. (he worked on production or something.) apparently they're dating despite that;)

    i just finished the book thief and wrote a lil about it over my way. i'd recommend it for sure.

  2. suzannah @ so much shouting/laughter

    this is kinda random, but you don't need word verification if you moderate comments.

    i don't moderate, and i hate word verification, but i go back and forth turning it on and off cuz some posts just seem to attract spam. it's a pain.