b’s and g’s

Mar 15, 2010 by

well, maybe that’s overstating it just a tad, but seriously? i don’t know what is going on, but i am SO excited about being pregnant again.
beyond ecstatic.
(and perhaps many other appropriate “e” words.)
when i was pregnant with elias, i knew i was having a boy right away. i even bought him the teeniest tiniest swim trunks you’ve ever seen before i knew. with piper, i was sure it was a girl, but then i was feeling like if i was wrong and it was a boy, i was going to be disappointed, which wasn’t cool, so i spent a couple weeks telling myself i was having a boy so that i could come to terms with it. and i was pleasantly (not) surprised :)
i had a dream last night that i had a boy, and i tell ya, he was the most adorable thing i’ve ever seen, with tufts of dark hair sticking out all over the place (yeah. i have a things for babies with lots of hair. my kids, of course, are straight up bald). and in my dream, i was just enamored with him and his cute face. mostly with his hair, though. was my dream prophetic? i wonder…
(until, perhaps, i remembered that in this very same dream, i was also a double agent being chased up and down stairwells trying not to get shot. sooooo..)
my mom and friend lee are “voting” for a girl. which would be terribly convenient given the nursery walls are painted raspberry and there’s a chandelier over the crib. having one of both, it’s easy for me not to care. i would love a boy OR a girl. or both. (wait- what?!) but if i want a boy, apparently i can just eat lots of food, namely cereal.
(again- what?)
(i guess the high intake of pizza and mozzarella sticks i ate back in ’06 explains a lot, doesn’t it, kris?)
so indulge me. let’s take a vote. everyone always has a “feeling” or a “thought” and, hey, you have a 50% chance of being right!
what do you think??
boy? or girl?

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  1. WitchyEditor

    I'm usually pretty good about guessing the correct sex and I'm feeling girl on this one.

    I've also dreamt of my future child many times even though I'm not pregnant. I'm almost positive that I'm going to have boy first. So sure in fact that I already have a name in place (Desmond) and talk about him even though he hasn't been born yet. Right now he's just some spirit child floating around me..lol.

  2. Jessi

    Listen, I'm not bragging – I'm actually just telling you the truth. I'm ALWAYS right about gender guesses. How about I come to your house oh, the first weekend in April and rub your belly and tell you what I think?

  3. michelle

    i feel you, andrea :) when you know, you know. it's that sneaky intuition we get…

    jess? ummm, yes please! the sooner the better, i have GOT to know if i've got a baby b or a baby g in there as soon as possible! don't even talk about april, i'm about to lose my mind with excitement. the thought of you in my house rubbing my little belly is just toooo much.
    L-O-V-E it. mmmmhmmm.